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Formation ayurvedique en France

je suis prêt à venir vous donner des cours de massages ayurvédiques sur place en France ou en europe,Pour plus d'information.Cliquez ICI


Ayurveda massage course in Europe

Yes you have read it well,I can come to your country,your city,your home,to teach you ayurveda massage therapies
France,Germany,Italy,spain anywhere in Europ
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Kerala ayurveda massage Courses in India,New Delhi

You can speak directly to us or can contact us Via email for any consultation,ayurvedic medicine,Products,tables or any other information regarding all courses at 00918447207772 Or 00919810266281,We are available 24/7 to answer all your queries
Team of 8 therapists along with Three doctors located in different parts of New delhi ,we are  working since 20 years in Field of Ayurveda, training students all over the world,All our courses are Certified and our certificate is stamped by our doctor


Choose a Course and email us

All our courses are designed to make you a professional Therapist in just few days See below all courses

You can thus choose a course of your choice and send us a email using Contact us button,We are taking bookings every month,For Single persons the dates are not fixed,they can come any date any time but they have to inform us minimum 1 month in advance,Even if you are passing by New delhi,just call us on our mobile numbers and check the possibility of having a course,Do not hesitate even if you have One day spare at New delhi,You can take short course or just have a massage by our specialist or any treatment-Check the best ayurvedic massage Courses below-















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Ayurveda is a vast science of herbs,The book of ayurveda has millions of miracles and secrets in it,but unfortunately we have lost the original versions years back,The remaining part of the book is now known as Charak Samhita,which has again lots of secrets of ayurveda with all description of external and internal Oleation olieation,as well all medicines and herbs explained,----If you have a ayurveda article then please send it to us and we will publish it right here with your name or your websites name